EarthCraft Home Certification

EarthCraft Virginia provides a certification process for single family and multifamily projects. It serves as a blueprint for healthy, comfortable homes that reduces utility bills and protects the environment. EarthCraft House is your best assurance for a quality home.

EarthCraft promotes diligent airsealing and energy efficiency. Airsealing of the building envelope and its mechanical systems, while still allowing for fresh air intake, provides a tighter building envelope at little additional cost. There is less communication of air and sound between units and better indoor air quality through the use of managed fresh-air intakes. Thus, projects are more energy efficient, less costly to occupy, and more durable overall.

During construction, EarthCraft provides inspectors that work with the builder to develop and ensure your building is performing at its best.

For more information about EarthCraft Virginia, visit their website: www.earthcraftvirginia.org.

For an example of what can be accomplished when using EarthCraft’s certification program, download the Single Family Worksheet:

EarthCraft Single Family Worksheet

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