Code of Ethics

Ethical conduct requires hard work, courage, and difficult choices. Ethics exist in the individual or they do not exist at all. Integrity and high standards must be upheld by the individual or they will not be held up at all. If they are not upheld then the company will be a failure. We who make Wall Construction must strive to be: Honest, Reliable, Trustworthy, Cooperative, Fair, Law-abiding, committed and dedicated.

Management Philosophy

Our management philosophy at Wall Construction is to treat each employee as a family member and each customer as a friend. Wall Construction will strive to provide our employees with a safe, challenging, rewarding place to work along with providing our customer with a quality product they can be proud of.

General Conditions of Employment

The future of the company depends to a large extent on the hiring decisions made at all levels; accordingly, the company is committed to selecting and employing the best and most qualified person for the available position without discrimination of any kind. Our Compensation program is designed to attract and retain employees that strive to make this company successful. Each employee is entitled to fair wages for good job skills and adequate performance, and a safe place to work. In return each employee is obligated to give the company his or her cooperation and best efforts, to be productive, to work safely, and to help maintain the equipment, tools, and facilities they may be using.

To view a more extensive version of the Wall Construction, LLC manual, and to read more on specific policies, rules, and regulations please click the downloadable / printable PDF of the Wall Construction, LLC. employee manual. We also have our employee safety manual attached as well for your reference.

Wall Construction Employee Manual

Wall Construction Safety Handbook

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