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Floyd Eco Village Earth Bermed Lodge

Published on October 5, 2012, by in Uncategorized.

Another Wall Construction project that pushes the envolepe in Affordable Green Building protocol. This building is 7500sf with a price tag a little over 1 million (135 per sf). Price sound high well the building is earth Bermed concrete shelter that is totally off the grid. We are installing a 15kw solar off grid system with 8kw battery bank. There will be thermal solar for domestic hot water and we are hoping we can install a Wood Gasifier that will provide wood gas for a gas boiler to heat building and provide a back up to the thermal solar. The wood gas produced can also run a LP generator. This project is going to be very special in deminstrating affordable off grid construction.

Here is a floor plan of the building. Call with questions we would love to here your comments and questions.

Earth Bermed Lodge Floor Plan

Earth Bermed Lodge Floor Plan 2


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